A lot of individuals start blogging along with their full-time job. However, developing a successful blog is in itself really tough work which demands a lot of attention. We know because we have done it! I started my blog alongside teaching and it was tough so I am sharing what I learnt along the way!

Many dream of blogging as a career and let me tell you that it can be done! I earn a consistently great income from my blog and I left teaching five years ago to concentrate on blogging and to live the life that I wanted. Getting off the 9-5 treadmill has given me a flexible work life balance and I am able to work around the children, which has proved especially useful over the past three months!

Firstly don’t worry, as a beginner, it is possible for you to spend just half an hour every day to tackle your various blogging duties and potentially generate real money.

And that’s what exactly I am going to discuss here.

How to blog in 30 mins

Now, before jumping straight into the how-to section, there are a couple of things that you should keep in mind when managing a blog in such a limited time.

  • Keep your goals realistic and attainable – Aiming too high when trying to do things quickly will only leave you overwhelmed and unmotivated.
  • Don’t be afraid to invest – Spend money on really useful tools and services to boost your speed.

So, let’s get started with how you can up-level your blog in just 30 mins a day.

1.    Develop a plan

Without a plan, you’ll be aimless and most probably end up spending 30 mins in front of the screen achieving nothing.

Start with researching and creating an outline for your future blog topics. Plus, come up with a weekly schedule, for instance, you can,

·       Choose a day or two you would like to publish your blog

·       Pick a day to research analytical tools like – Google Analytics, Pinterest analytics, Tailwind analytics, etc.

·       Choose a day for promotion.

·       Select one day for maintenance and updating.

2.    Make most out of social media 

When you have limited time social media can come handy in boosting your blog traffic. Creating an Ad campaign on Facebook can really boost the number of readers.

Moreover, you’ll be an active part of various Facebook engagement groups, look for collaboration, seek advice, and help fellow bloggers. Apart from this, scheduling your work on Instagram and Twitter will add to your blog’s visibility and boost your engagement. Social media is an important tool in sharing your blog but do remember why your blog is more important than Facebook and Instagram combined!

3.    Use time blocking technique

This is really necessary if you wish to be highly productive with your blogging work. Block your time for 10 mins to do a particular work and set an alarm or timer to keep you on track. Using this simple technique, you will save so much of your invaluable time.

4.    Batch your work

Batching similar kinds of work can help you stay on track while managing your blog. Being a blogger, you will have to wear different hats and do all the work from designing to writing to marketing your work. When you batch your work, it becomes easy to tackle similar kinds of work in one go.

5.    Ask for help

When you’re working full time, you may not have the luxury to spend more time on your blog. This is where you need to choose to ask for help or let your blog die. Outsource the work which consumes a lot of time and needs an expert eye to be executed correctly.

Hire a VA to do admin work, marketing, or graphic designing. Also, Top Blog Coaching can help you with blog content. We offer a few packages but we can also discuss projects with you to make things easier. Our blog audits are a brilliant starting point, this will provide you with actionable steps to improve your blog. We will analyse your blog, prepare a written report, and then have a one to one coaching sessions to talk you through the steps we advise.

Top Blog Coaching Emma Bradley and Louise Pink

We walk the walk with you and not just talk the talk! As professional bloggers we know what works, we know how a blog can make you £3000 plus every single month. We know where to find paid opportunities and we are happy to share the secrets to success. You can check out our personal blogs which we have been earning from for many years. I blog at Emma and 3 and Louise at Pink Bear Pear.

The thing here is to save time or money. You need to make a tough choice.

Blogging may seem difficult and overwhelming initially but with a proper plan, you can totally slay this game. I would love to know how much time you devote weekly to your blog. Do drop your views in the comments below.

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